Separating Fact From Fiction With More Bariatric Surgery Myths

In our last blog, we began tackling some of the biggest misconceptions concerning bariatric surgery in New York. Unfortunately, these misconceptions stop people from pursuing viable obesity treatment options and surgeries, such as gastric bypass, the Orbera gastric balloon, and many more.

More Common Misconceptions Surrounding Bariatric Surgery

We’re back today to separate fact from fiction with some more bariatric surgery misconceptions.

Misconception: Bariatric surgery is a waste because you’ll just gain all the weight back.

Fact: Actually, there have been numerous research studies to prove that not only do bariatric surgery patients lose more weight than those who simply diet and exercise, but they tend to keep it off, too.

Misconception: Bariatric surgery won’t be covered by your insurance because it’s considered cosmetic.

Fact: While extreme weight loss will absolutely transform your appearance for the better, the most crucial and important benefits are not cosmetic. You will look better, but our goal is to help you live longer, feel better, and lead a more healthy, active lifestyle. In fact, most insurance companies follow the guidelines set by the National Institute of Health (NIH) for bariatric surgery to determine coverage. When you have other health conditions aggravated by obesity, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, your chances of having your bariatric surgery covered by insurance increase.

Here at Weight Zen, we look at bariatric surgery as a tool, not a magic bullet; it’s a part of your weight loss journey. Contact us today to schedule a consultation, and let us help you get your life back.