healthy eating after bariatric surgery

We’re back today with a roundup of our favorite healthy bariatric snacks…sweet snacks!  It can be tough to find foods that work for you post-surgery, but we want you to think about all the foods you can eat instead of what you cannot.

Blue Diamond 100 Calorie Almonds (plain, dry roasted, vanilla, chocolate)


  • Sweet, crunchy, satisfying and delicious? Sign us up! These portion-controlled almonds are perfect to throw into your handbag or lunch bag, don’t need refrigeration and are the perfect boost of protein and fiber.
  • Having easily accessible snacks for on-the-go hunger is so important.  You never want to get so hungry that you will eat the first thing you find. Planning ahead is key, and find shelf-stable snacks are great.
  • Sample them all and find the flavor you love best!

RAP Protein Gummies (cherry, strawberry, citrus, mixed berry)


  • If you’re looking for a delicious way to get more protein into your diet (sweetly!) look no further.  These gummies are tasty and are packed with good-for-you protein that’s super important after surgery. 
  • Be sure to chew each very well.
  • We have each of the flavors in the office for you to try!

Bariatric Fusion Gummies


  • These sugar free soft chews are perfect for getting in your very important vitamins and minerals, and still enjoying something sweet!
  • Just like the protein gummies, be sure to chew them very well.

Now that we’ve shared a few of our favorite sweet snacks, let’s talk about how to transport them!

Fit & Fresh Smart Portion Chill Containers

keeping food cold on the go

  • These containers come with a removable cold pack to keep cold food cold.  Food safety is important as ever, so be sure you are paying attention to how long foods that need refrigeration are out of the fridge.
  • Perfect for transporting your breakfast Greek yogurt! 
  • The colorful tops help you to keep different foods in each container for easy planning.
    • veggies in green
    • protein in orange
    • fruits in pink
  • These have pre-marked measures for easy portion control.
    • It’s always best to measure your foods, and this takes the guess work out of it

We’d love to hear from you! What are your favorite snacks? And your favorite snack holders? Let us know in the comments below!

Greek yogurt has gotten more and and more popular over the past decade, and for good reason! It’s thick and creamy, loaded with protein and good bacteria, available in plain and flavored varieties and it’s delicious!

Greek yogurt is perfect for bariatric surgery patients.  As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, following surgery, it’s very important for bariatric patients to consume enough protein.  Greek yogurt is a perfect post surgical food! Why?  Keep reading to find out…

can bariatric patients eat greek yogurt

  1. High in protein
    • You don’t have to eat a huge amount to reap the benefits of this nutrition superpower – a little goes a long way
  2. Low in sugar
    • Greek yogurt is strained, meaning some of the lactose (the sugar found is milk) has been removed
    • Following a lifelong low sugar diet will be important for bariatric patients
  3. Contains good-for-you bacteria
    • The live cultures in yogurt are great for digestion
  4. Easy to swallow
    • Greek yogurt is a naturally soft food
    • Good for bariatric patients on the pureed or soft food stages of the post-surgical diet
  5. Tasty
    • We can’t forget taste
    • Greek yogurt has a delicious rich taste and texture
  6. Versatile
    • Greek yogurt is perfect substitute for sour cream or mayonaise in your favorite dishes
      • Think: egg salad, tuna salad, chicken salad
  7. Eat it plain or flavored
    • We love the plain varieties because they are often lowest in sugar
    • You can flavor your own yogurt by adding a sugar-free sweetener or fresh fruit (berries are our go to)
  8. Low fat or Fat Free
    • Most companies offer low fat and fat free versions (as well as full fat, but those should be avoided)
    • Low fat is often labeled “2%”
  9. So many options
    • Chobani
    • Siggi’s
    • Fage
    • Oikos
    • Elli Quark (technically considered a cheese)
    • Yoplait Greek
    • Activia Greek
    • Store brands (ShopRite, Fairway, etc)

When you’re shopping for Greek yogurt, pay attention to nutrition labels. Read how much protein and sugar is in one serving.  Shop the sales! You’ll be able to try a few different brands and see which ones you like best.  Variety is the spice of life!

Let us know your favorite way to enjoy Greek yogurt. We love hearing from you!

At Weight Zen, we want to be sure all of our patients are properly equipped with the knowledge they need to success both before and after surgery. But sometimes we all need a reminder about proper post-surgical eating habits.  Today, I’m going to answer the question “What Do I Eat After Lap Band Surgery?”

With any surgery, it’s important to speak to your personal doctor about what’s best for you.  Individualized care is very important. But, this plan has worked well for many of our patients and we want to share the knowledge with you.  After all, being well informed is a great tool for success.

What’s the diet progression?  Right after surgery you will eat in the following pattern:

  • protein based liquids (2 weeks duration)
    • store bought protein shakes or homemade protein shakes using water or unsweetened plain or vanilla almond milk
  • pureed foods (2 weeks duration)
    • most foods are fine, just be sure they can be pureed in a blender or a food processor – black beans, apple sauce, potatoes, etc
  • soft foods (2 weeks duration)
    • scrambled eggs, tofu, yogurt, cottage cheese, etc
  • modified regular diet 

Did you know?

  • Before surgery, the average stomach can hold up to 48 oz
  • After surgery, the average banded stomach will be able to hold just 1 oz (about the size of an egg) but over time, the pouch may stretch to 4-6 oz
  • Avoiding sugar sweetened beverages is key to keeping unnecessary calories at bay, plus the calories in drinks won’t satisfy you and can cause stomach discomfort
    • water is best, but there are plenty of sugar free options available such as Crystal Light, Propel, Vitamin Water Zero
  • You should avoid eating and drinking at the same time
    • this is because we want your stomach to be filled with food and if you drink liquids while you’re eating, the food may get pushed down, leaving you hungry soon after)
  • Hydration is very important
    • because you won’t be eating and drinking at the same time, it’s important to pay attention to what you’re drinking between meals – aim for 64 oz of water or other sugar free liquids

It’s important to slowly bring your body back to “normal” eating to allow your stomach to heal following surgery.  While the Lap Band procedure is minimally invasive, it’s still a surgical procedure that you need to heal from.  Rushing your healing process could lead to complications or prolong the recovery time, so take your time and enjoy the process! This is just the beginning.

We love hearing from you! Ask us any questions you may have – in the comment section or over the phone at (866) 429-5961.