Debunking More Common Bariatric Surgery Misconceptions

In our last couple blogs, we’ve been tackling some common misconceptions surrounding bariatric surgery in New York as we separate fact from fiction once and for all. Obesity is a real disease and a growing epidemic in our country. As we debunk some of these widely-believed misconceptions, we hope that we shed light on a possible treatment option for one of our readers and that they will reach out to us for a consultation.

More Misconceptions About Bariatric Surgery Debunked

Misconception: You are going to need plastic surgery after bariatric surgery.

Fact: The truth of the matter is that 99.9 percent of weight loss surgery is performed through laparoscopy, meaning that you will have no big scars requiring plastic surgery. Moreover, not everyone who has bariatric surgery ends up with large amounts of excess skin. In fact, less than half of the patients who undergo bariatric surgery need skin removal surgery.

Misconception: You can be too large or heavy for bariatric surgery.

Fact: Patients who have higher BMIs normally also have comorbidities, two or more diseases at the same time, and these can make the bariatric surgery riskier. The most significant risks are lung disease and cardiovascular disease. However, surgery is still possible, and you should speak to your bariatric surgeon at Weight Zen to see what your options are.

Bariatric surgery is surrounded by a lot of misconceptions, but we’re working diligently to chip away at these myths so that more people can get the help they deserve. Call us today!