my morning mistake

Morning mistake. You did it. Simple, clean, breakfast of an Egg whites omelet, coffee, and a side of whole wheat toast. But you got to work, and there was a morning meeting, with donuts. You ate a donut. Don’t let that donut, mishap mangle your day. Oftentimes dieters make a morning mishap and tank their healthy eating for the rest of the day. Instead regroup. Forgive yourself. Never berate for what you ate. Anger will not help you lose weight, in fact the self-loathing will probably put you on a track to eating more unhealthy food throughout the day.

Sometimes you eat a donut and when you do, you never get mad at yourself, instead you think how delicious that treat was and get right back on track. How? To burn off that donut do some some lifts while watching tv. Take the stairs at work.