Your Body Mass Index, or BMI, is a calculation of body fat based on your weight compared to your height and is one way to predict future health risks. It gives a more accurate picture of your overall health than your weight alone. It’s not the only way, but it’s the easiest for us to determine.

Morbid obesity is a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 40 or more. Calculate your BMI using the calculator below. Being morbidly obese affects day-to-day physical functions such as breathing or walking and in the long-term can lead to a shorter life expectancy, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.

Bariatric surgery is a legitimate, safe and affordable weight loss surgery solution for obesity and diabetes.

Bariatric surgery isn’t cheating – it’s taking control.

Significant and durable weight control is not about trying harder or doing better. According to the National Institute of Health, diet and exercise alone fail 95% of the time!

The British Medical Journal conducted an analysis of 11 studies with 796 individuals, comparing the effects of bariatric surgery with non-surgical treatment of obesity. The results were overwhelmingly in favor of bariatric surgery being the only recognized way to achieve significant long-term weight loss.

Together, let’s overcome the obesity stigma.

In general, patients should have at least 100 pounds of excess weight or a BMI of 40 or more. Patients may also qualify with a BMI of 35 or more with a comorbid condition.

Choosing to have bariatric surgery is a serious decision. Choosing to have bariatric surgery with Weight Zen means you are part of our family. We will make sure you’re comfortable and in control every step of the way from your first consultation to your rehabilitation after weight loss surgery.

Bariatric surgery is not cosmetic surgery and does not surgically remove fat. Bariatric surgery works in conjunction with a commitment to long-term lifestyle changes, including diet and exercise.

As with any weight loss surgery, there are immediate and long-term complications and risks. Of course, we are with you every step of the way from your first consultation right through to post-operation rehabilitation to make sure you’re comfortable and confident to manage your new life.

Learn more about the possible risks and side effects for each

A long-term study following patients for up to 14 years after bariatric surgery concluded that 89% of weight loss was maintained. Further, a 2004 analysis of over 22,000 patients who underwent bariatric surgery found that in the majority of cases, potentially fatal comorbidity issues were resolved such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and sleep apnea.

For many of our patients, reclaiming their life and having the health they deserve does not have a quantifiable price. Even with the costs in mind, many feel it’s an affordable investment to help them transform their lives.

The out-of-pocket expenses vary depending on insurance coverage and can range from $0 to a maximum $30,000, however every case is different.

Do I qualify for insurance coverage for the surgery?

Just like how we’re working hard to smash the obesity stigma, some insurance companies and their plans now understand the medical necessity of bariatric surgery and will often approve it. However, every insurance company is different. You can also check for yourself by using our online verification tool below. Our instant checker allows us to verify your policy to ensure coverage. Using this tool is the fastest way to get a correct answer because we also do a final review in our office to make sure everything is correct.

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Choosing to have bariatric surgery is a serious decision. Choosing to have bariatric surgery with NYC Bariatric means you are part of our family. We have patients who continue to see us months and even years after their surgery as we’re committed to ensuring you’re comfortable and in control every step of the way to manage your life after surgery. Our team will be there to help with your new diet, exercise and finding support groups.