Welcome Bariatric Nutritionist Megan Wolf

Bariatric surgery does not mean a bariatric diet. In fact, we don’t even like the word diet at Weight Zen. Diet = Failure. Whatever surgery you have had or will have, be it the sleeve, the band, a bypass or more, we’re going to help you succeed by hooking you up with one of New York Cities premier bariatric weight loss nutritionists.

At Weight Zen, Dr. Rosen is committed to lasting lifelong change in each and every single one of our patients. This is why we have added a new team member to the Weight Zen family, Megan Wolf. Megan is our in-house nutritionist who sees patients primarily for weight loss and weight management counseling and medical nutrition therapy. She will work with you directly to help meet your nutritional needs!  

She’ll give you the best tips and tricks on how to enjoy food. For Bariatric patients food is part friend part frenimy, but what if we flip the script with Megan and help guide you to seeing food as your new BFF.

She offers in-home pantry makeovers, supermarket tours, group nutrition classes and cooking classes. And the good news is, you do not have to be a bariatric patient in order to see her, anyone can sign up to work with Megan!

We are so excited for you to meet her in person and we think you’ll love her video tips coming soon!


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