Greek Yogurt for Bariatric Surgery

Greek yogurt has gotten more and and more popular over the past decade, and for good reason! It’s thick and creamy, loaded with protein and good bacteria, available in plain and flavored varieties and it’s delicious!

Greek yogurt is perfect for bariatric surgery patients.  As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, following surgery, it’s very important for bariatric patients to consume enough protein.  Greek yogurt is a perfect post surgical food! Why?  Keep reading to find out…

can bariatric patients eat greek yogurt

  1. High in protein
    • You don’t have to eat a huge amount to reap the benefits of this nutrition superpower – a little goes a long way
  2. Low in sugar
    • Greek yogurt is strained, meaning some of the lactose (the sugar found is milk) has been removed
    • Following a lifelong low sugar diet will be important for bariatric patients
  3. Contains good-for-you bacteria
    • The live cultures in yogurt are great for digestion
  4. Easy to swallow
    • Greek yogurt is a naturally soft food
    • Good for bariatric patients on the pureed or soft food stages of the post-surgical diet
  5. Tasty
    • We can’t forget taste
    • Greek yogurt has a delicious rich taste and texture
  6. Versatile
    • Greek yogurt is perfect substitute for sour cream or mayonaise in your favorite dishes
      • Think: egg salad, tuna salad, chicken salad
  7. Eat it plain or flavored
    • We love the plain varieties because they are often lowest in sugar
    • You can flavor your own yogurt by adding a sugar-free sweetener or fresh fruit (berries are our go to)
  8. Low fat or Fat Free
    • Most companies offer low fat and fat free versions (as well as full fat, but those should be avoided)
    • Low fat is often labeled “2%”
  9. So many options
    • Chobani
    • Siggi’s
    • Fage
    • Oikos
    • Elli Quark (technically considered a cheese)
    • Yoplait Greek
    • Activia Greek
    • Store brands (ShopRite, Fairway, etc)

When you’re shopping for Greek yogurt, pay attention to nutrition labels. Read how much protein and sugar is in one serving.  Shop the sales! You’ll be able to try a few different brands and see which ones you like best.  Variety is the spice of life!

Let us know your favorite way to enjoy Greek yogurt. We love hearing from you!

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