Ask A Gastric Sleeve Surgeon: How Much Weight Will You Lose?

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There was a time, not so long ago, when the weight and shape of your body wasn’t something that could easily be changed. If you had a genetic, hormonal, or addiction-related problem with excessive weight gain 50 or 60 years ago, there was little your doctor could do for you besides advising (and in some cases, forcing) you to go on a calorie restricted diet.

Thankfully, times have changed.

Advances in medical technology have made dealing with obesity something that you and your doctor can tackle together. Procedures like gastric sleeve surgery allow you to skip much of the waiting and wishing for your body to naturally lose weight.

Still, gastric sleeve surgery is still a fairly new procedure. Many of our potential patients want to know how much they can potentially lose before committing to gastric sleeve surgery, so we asked our surgeon to provide his professional opinion. Here’s what he had to say:

“Gastric sleeve surgery is an aggressive solution for obesity that’s growing in popularity. The amount of weight each patient loses after gastric sleeve surgery varies greatly, depending on a number of factors like diet, exercise lifestyle, and willingness to leave old habits behind. Your total weight loss also depends on the size that your gastric sleeve surgeon makes the new sleeve.

In the most ideal circumstances, I’ve seen patients lose an average of 60 percent* of their excess weight.”

We hoped that this has given you some insight into what’s possible with gastric sleeve surgery. Contact Weight Zen in New York City for a consultation today.

*Individual results may vary.