Do You Need A Revision To Your Bariatric Surgery?


Here at Weight Zen in New York, our team gives patients the ability to lead more fulfilling, healthier lives through bariatric surgery. We help patients fight obesity and many of the various health issues related to obesity. With more and more Americans undergoing weight loss surgery, some procedures may not be as effective as patients originally planned. This can occur for many reasons.  When this happens, a revision to your bariatric surgery may be required.

What Is A Bariatric Surgery Revision?

A bariatric surgery revision refers to any kind of secondary surgery performed after a previous bariatric surgery did not yield optimal results. Your bariatric surgery revision will vary depending on what type of initial weight loss surgery was performed. In general, bariatric surgeons will assess the first surgery and then tailor the second to address your specific needs.

The Benefits Of A Bariatric Surgery Revision

The most important and key benefit of a bariatric surgery revision is that it will help you lose the weight you need to lose safely, allowing you to achieve your wellness goals. When appropriate, your bariatric surgeon may try to reuse the initial incision sites to minimize scarring.  At Weight Zen, we specialize in minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery, meaning we use very small incisions.

Minor Revision Procedures

For some patients, only a minor revision may be needed. This could be as simple as adding a Lap-Band to help with weight loss. If you’ve undergone a Gastric Sleeve surgery, you may just need to undergo a resleeving procedure where the surgeon will reduce the overall size of your stomach pouch.  With all procedures, you will see our nutritionist who will guide you on proper portion control, healthy eating and general wellness.

More Advanced Revision Procedures

Different measures may need to be taken if your revision involves a more extensive procedure, such as correcting a gastric bypass.

Are you seeing the results you expected from your bariatric surgery? If not, contact Weight Zen today and let us help you.