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Protein Shakes After Bariatric Surgery

If you read our post on what to expect diet-wise after bariatric surgery, you’ll know that immediately following surgery, you will be on phase 1: protein shakes for two (2) weeks.  To start, we want to explain why is protein so important.  Protein is beneficial for healing (really important after surgery) and it’s critical for […]

Post Bariatric Surgery Diet

If you’re considering bariatric surgery, or if you’ve just had surgery, you might be curious about what your diet will look like in the weeks immediately following the procedure.  It’s important to understand that you will not be able to return to your “normal” eating habits right after surgery.  Following the modified post bariatric surgery diet […]

Are Smoothies Healthy?

This is a loaded question.  “Are smoothies healthy?” This is a question we get asked all the time in our office.  In theory, yes, smoothies should be healthy – they’re packed with fruits, maybe vegetables, perhaps some healthy fats, maybe yogurt, water or milk, maybe ice. “But then how do they go wrong?”  Let me explain… […]

Healthy Bariatric Snacks

We’re back today with a roundup of our favorite healthy bariatric snacks…sweet snacks!  It can be tough to find foods that work for you post-surgery, but we want you to think about all the foods you can eat instead of what you cannot. Blue Diamond 100 Calorie Almonds (plain, dry roasted, vanilla, chocolate) Sweet, crunchy, satisfying and […]

Greek Yogurt for Bariatric Surgery

Greek yogurt has gotten more and and more popular over the past decade, and for good reason! It’s thick and creamy, loaded with protein and good bacteria, available in plain and flavored varieties and it’s delicious! Greek yogurt is perfect for bariatric surgery patients.  As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, following surgery, it’s very important for […]

Protein Powder For Bariatric Patients

We are big fans of protein powder at WeightZen, especially protein powder for bariatric patients.  Following surgery, we encourage a gradual diet progression from liquids to purees to soft foods.  It’s very important that patients are able to add protein to (almost) all the foods they eat, even if that food does not naturally contain […]